Our mission

To connect talented people, breakthrough ideas and capital to create new opportunities & possibilities without borders.

Advisory board

When our advisory board, whose members had leading roles within Microsoft Japan, ING Direct Bank, City Bank, Mitsubishi Bank Tokyo, JAL, OKwave, NTT  acknowledge your idea, we sit around the table to make an inventory for what it takes to make your idea the next big thing.

We have a strong focus on IoT, AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, Marketplaces and Media.

From March 2018 on we are open to receive your application.

First capital

We can provide you with the first funds (up to 10.000.000 JPY) to start your business or make you first prototype. We are not only giving you this capital to start for real, but most important we can share decades of expertise and knowledge with you and a worldwide entrance to the best investment companies that can take it even to the next stage. This can be a Serie A round or if it makes sense, an ICO.

Coming Soon

Information  in Japanese to join our Pledge Fund & Site Information will be available soon.

Feel free to contact us

You have a good idea you want to present? | From March 2018 we are open to receive your application.

Are you an investor, entrepreneur and you want to join our pledge fund? | From February 2018 you can find more information on this website.

In the meanwhile you can request more information: info [at} yumecapital.com


Mister J. Aonuma and Mister E. de Heij | Founders Yume Capital
Mister J. Aonuma and Mister E. de Heij | Founders Yume Capital

Mr. Joji Aonuma has worked in New York City, Tokyo, Singapore and many other countries in Asia. After a successful banking career with a.o. City Bank, Mitsubishi Bank and ING Direct Bank as CEO, he is now a distinguished independent Consultant of several companies and institutions. Currently he mentors with great pleasure and success several businesses and young entrepreneurs.

Mr. Eddy de Heij has over 20 years international entrepreneurial experience (Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, New York). Eddy is active as an investor and mentor. In 2013 he wrote the book ‘The Bovengever’ (Dutch edition) which is about his experiences with Startups. In 2016 the international edition was received with great reviews. (April 2016 | 3rd edition)

Eddy is partner and Chairman of the Board of the ZO Media Group. He currently invests in several blockchain technology based companies in New York, Gibraltar and Amsterdam.

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Mr. Shuji Asakawa, a graduate from Ehime University Japan, is active for more than 20 years in the IT Industry In Japan.  He held C-level positions at NTT, Microsoft and OKWAVE.  He has an passion for AI Technology, Natural language processing and Search Technology. Mr. Asakawa is co-founder and board member for Yume Capital.

Our Office

1-19-7 Momijigaoka, Fucyu CIty, Tokyo Japan